How Kafka commits messages

Every message your producers send to a Kafka partition has an offset—a sequential index number that identifies each message. To keep track of which messages have already been processed, your consumer needs to commit the offsets of the messages that were processed.

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Apache Kafka on OpenShift quickstart guide

In this tutorial we will learn how to get started quickly with Apache Kafka on OpenShift. The same concepts apply if you want to run Apache Kafka on any Kubernates compliant environment

In order to kickstart Apache Kafka on OpenShift, we will install the Strimzi Operator. The project Strimzi ( simplifies the process of running Apache Kafka in a Kubernetes cluster in various deployment configurations.

Let’s create a new OpenShift project named ‘kafka-demo’

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Accessing Apache Kafka on OpenShift using its REST API

In this tutorial we will learn how access an Apache Kafka cluster running on OpenShift / Kubernetes using the Kafka Bridge.

The Apache Kafka Bridge includes a RESTful interface that let HTTP-based clients to interact with a Kafka cluster. This can simplify accessing the Kafka cluster which might be running on a Cloud Environment such as Kubernates or OpenShift.

In order to complete this tutorial, install the Strimzi Operator, the Kafka cluster and a Topic as discussed in this tutorial: Apache Kafka on OpenShift quickstart guide

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Apache Kafka and Spring Boot quickstart

In this tutorial we will learn how to connect to a Kafka cluster from a Spring Boot REST Controller. As a proof of concept, we will set up a basic Web application which produces and consumes messages that will be streamed to Kafka.

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What is Apache Kafka?

This is our first tutorial about Apache Kafka . We will start learning what Apache Kafka and why we need in our Enterprise Integration layer.

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