Accessing Apache Kafka on OpenShift using its REST API

In this tutorial we will learn how access an Apache Kafka cluster running on OpenShift / Kubernetes using the Kafka Bridge.

The Apache Kafka Bridge includes a RESTful interface that let HTTP-based clients to interact with a Kafka cluster. This can simplify accessing the Kafka cluster which might be running on a Cloud Environment such as Kubernates or OpenShift.

In order to complete this tutorial, install the Strimzi Operator, the Kafka cluster and a Topic as discussed in this tutorial: Apache Kafka on OpenShift quickstart guide

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Apache Kafka and Spring Boot quickstart

In this tutorial we will learn how to connect to a Kafka cluster from a Spring Boot REST Controller. As a proof of concept, we will set up a basic Web application which produces and consumes messages that will be streamed to Kafka.

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What is Apache Kafka?

This is our first tutorial about Apache Kafka . We will start learning what Apache Kafka and why we need in our Enterprise Integration layer.

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