Camel JMS Component example

This article is a walk through the Camel JMS Component. We will show how to use this component to produce and consume messages. In this article we will show two different options: a Spring Boot Application and a Camel Standalone application.

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How to use Camel Kafka Component by example

In this article we will learn how to connect to Apache Kafka cluster from a Camel route using the Camel Kafka Consumer and Producer. Start the Zookeeper Server Pre-requisites: You need an available Apache Kafka server. To learn how to install it, you can check this article: Getting started with Apache Kafka The first thing … Read more

Camel with Spring Boot example

Camel is a first citizen in Spring Boot application. In this tutorial we will learn how to bootstrap a Camel Route from within a Spring Boot REST application.

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Apache Camel REST step-by-step example

In this article we will discuss how to produce and consume REST services using Apache Camel. Firstly we will show an example of REST Producer, then we will lean how to expose REST Endpoints in Camel.

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How to build a Camel route to JPA

In this tutorial we will learn how to persist some data on a PostgreSQL Database using a Camel route which is based on the Java Persistence API (JPA) defined in a project.

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