How to reload my Spring Boot changes without restarting the server?

During development, you often need to change the code often and restart the server for those code changes to take effect. Spring Boot provides developer tools (the spring-boot-devtools module) that include support for quick application restarts whenever the application classpath content changes.When you include the spring-boot-devtools module during development, the caching of the view templates … Read more

How to upload files in Spring Boot web applications

HTML pages can configure files to be uploaded using as enctype attribute “multipart/form-data“. Out of the box, the org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.web.servlet.MultipartAutoConfiguration already has support to enable multi-part upload. So let’s see an example HTML page with a form with enctype=”multipart/form-data” to upload a file: <?xml version=”1.0″?> <form action=”uploadFile” th:action=”@{/uploadFile}” method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data”> <input type=”file” name=”myFile”/> <input type=”submit”/> </form> … Read more

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