JBoss Fuse Fabric cheatsheet

Here is my JBoss Fuse Fabric cheat sheet

Enable user/password for Karaf Console:

cd $FUSE_HOME  vi ./etc/users.properties 

– Uncomment line by removing # character from #admin=admin,admin line

– Save the file

Create a fabric with defaults

fabric:create --wait-for-provisioning 

Create a fabric with Manual IP and custom user

fabric:create --new-user admin --new-user-password password --new-user-role Administrator --zookeeper-password passw123 --resolver manualip --manual-ip --wait-for-provisioning 

Create child container

fabric:container-create-child root child 

Create SSH container with user/password

fabric:container-create-ssh --host --user admin --password admin --path=/data --profile=fabric root2 

List Containers


Connect to a Container

container-connect child 

Stop a Container

fabric:container-stop child 

Delete a Container

fabric:container-delete child 

List Profiles


Create custom profile

fabric:profile-create custom-profile fabric:profile-edit --features camel-cxf custom-profile fabric:profile-edit --features camel-blueprint custom-profile 

Add Profile to Container child

fabric:container-add-profile child custom-profile 

Replace all profiles with new ones

fabric:container-change-profile child custom-profile 

Create a new Version of a Profile

fabric:version-create  fabric:profile-edit --resource camel.xml custom-profile 1.1  fabric:container-upgrade 1.1 child 

Rollback older Profile version

fabric:container-rollback 1.0 child 

Create MQ Broker

fabric:create --wait-for-provisioning --profile fabric container-create-child root fuse-example-broker mq-create --assign-container fuse-example-broker fuse-example-mq-profile wait-for-provisioning 

Join Fabric


Add containers to Ensemble

ensemble-add root2 root3  

List Ensemble


Display logs


Display logs


Monitor container list