Accessing Apache Kafka on OpenShift using its REST API

In this tutorial we will learn how access an Apache Kafka cluster running on OpenShift / Kubernetes using the Kafka Bridge.

The Apache Kafka Bridge includes a RESTful interface that let HTTP-based clients to interact with a Kafka cluster. This can simplify accessing the Kafka cluster which might be running on a Cloud Environment such as Kubernates or OpenShift.

In order to complete this tutorial, install the Strimzi Operator, the Kafka cluster and a Topic as discussed in this tutorial: Apache Kafka on OpenShift quickstart guide

Now that the Strimzi Operator has been installed, let's create a Kafka Bridge. Using your editor, create this yaml file (available at:

kind: KafkaBridge
  name: my-bridge
  namespace: kafka-demo
  replicas: 1
  bootstrapServers: 'my-cluster-kafka-bootstrap:9092'
    port: 8080

This file will create a Kafka Bridge which points to the Kafka cluster via the bootstrap servers available at: 'my-cluster-kafka-bootstrap:9092'

oc create -f kafka-bridge.yaml

Verify that the service has been created:

oc get services
NAME                        TYPE        CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                      AGE
my-bridge-bridge-service    ClusterIP    <none>        8080/TCP                     12s
my-kafka-kafka-bootstrap    ClusterIP    <none>        9091/TCP,9092/TCP,9093/TCP   3h2m
my-kafka-kafka-brokers      ClusterIP   None           <none>        9091/TCP,9092/TCP,9093/TCP   3h2m
my-kafka-zookeeper-client   ClusterIP   <none>        2181/TCP                     3h3m
my-kafka-zookeeper-nodes    ClusterIP   None           <none>        2181/TCP,2888/TCP,3888/TCP   3h3m

Next, expose the service through a Route:

oc expose service my-bridge-bridge-service

Check that the Route is available:

oc get routes
NAME                       HOST/PORT                                              PATH   SERVICES                   PORT       TERMINATION   WILDCARD
my-bridge-bridge-service   my-bridge-bridge-service-kafka-demo.apps-crc.testing          my-bridge-bridge-service   rest-api    

Create a Kafka Producer

In order to create a Kafka producer using the REST API, we will send a JSON formatted POST to the Router address which is available outside of OpenShift:

curl -X POST \
  http://my-bridge-bridge-service-kafka-demo.apps-crc.testing/topics/demo-queue \
  -H 'content-type: application/vnd.kafka.json.v2+json' \
  -d '{
    "records": [
            "key": "my-key1",
            "value": "value-0001"
            "key": "my-key2",
            "value": "value-0002"

Provided that you have created the Topic "demo-queue", the above command will complete successfully.

Creating a Kafka Consumer

To create a Kafka Consumer using the REST API is a three step procedure. At first, you need to define a Consumer Group:

curl -X POST http://my-bridge-bridge-service-kafka-demo.apps-crc.testing/consumers/bridge-quickstart-consumer-group \
  -H 'content-type: application/vnd.kafka.v2+json' \
  -d '{
    "name": "bridge-quickstart-consumer",
    "auto.offset.reset": "earliest",
    "format": "json",
    "": false,
    "fetch.min.bytes": 512,
    "": 30000

Next, attach the Consumer Group to a Topic, for example the 'demo-queue':

 curl -X POST http://my-bridge-bridge-service-kafka-demo.apps-crc.testing/consumers/bridge-quickstart-consumer-group/instances/bridge-quickstart-consumer/subscription \
  -H 'content-type: application/vnd.kafka.v2+json' \
  -d '{
    "topics": [

Finally, you can retrieve messages by sending a GET to the Consumer Group which we have defined:

curl -X GET http://my-bridge-bridge-service-kafka-demo.apps-crc.testing/consumers/bridge-quickstart-consumer-group/instances/bridge-quickstart-consumer/records \
  -H 'accept: application/vnd.kafka.json.v2+json'

After creating and subscribing to a Kafka Bridge consumer, a first GET request will return an empty response because the poll operation starts a rebalancing process to assign partitions.

Repeat step two to retrieve messages from the Kafka Bridge consumer.


Congratulations! You have managed to connect to a Kafka cluster on OpenShift using the Bridge API. For more details on the Bridge REST API check

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